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Trading Crypto sometimes feels like a Russian roulette? We've all been there buddy. That's why we launched the Lucky Jack token! New crypto tokens are so volatile and go up and down in just a few seconds so it can sometimes be difficult to recognize the right moment to invest. However here comes Jack who has got your back in good and bad times both. Jack gives you another opportunity to MULTIPLY your investment. Play quick and simple virtual games with Jack and earn money, coins and other prizes!

This shit just got real!

10% Deflationary


Of all trades are redistributed directly to Lottery Pool Wallet.


From every transaction goes to the Liquidity Pool.


Lottery Pool fees are instantly swapped to BNBs to prevent token price fluctuations.

$Jack is all legit! Scroll to see the tokenomics.

Win the Jack's Pot!

The winner takes 90% of all BNBs in the Jack's Pot wallet. All BNBs are collected from the 5% transaction fees.

Here's the deal. Lucky Jack contract will randomly select 1 winning wallet address every month. All addresses holding more than $100 worth of the Lucky $Jack will participate in the lottery. The more tokens you have, the higher chances of winning, but the maximum is set to $5000. We don't want the whales to win the lottery. If you own more than $5000 worth of Lucky $Jack tokens, make sure to split it into more wallets.

Beware, the number of tokens you have to hold might change based on the current token price. Please, always make sure you are holding the right amount of token to participate.

Meet Jack's Roadmap

Oh, there's more? You BET! Literally.

Games currently in progress:

First ever
NFT lottery

Jack created special NFT lottery tickets for you! There will be different lotteries and 90% of the revenue from NFT sale is going to be reused.

of Fortune

How do you feel about Wheel of Fortune where you can win different tokens? Furthermore, if you stake $Jack tokens you will be granted some FREE spins!


We've heard Jack invested over 1 000 BNB in first virtual scratch cards. Soon you will have a chance to buy NFT Scratch Cards and win!

And more games are coming!


1000.000.000.000 initial supply = 1000B

  • ✅ LP locked for 12 months
  • ✅ Auto-liquidity generated with every trade and loaded into PancakeSwap

10% TAX

  • ♻️ 5% of all trades are redistributed to Lottery Pool wallet
  • 🔓 5% of all trades are auto-locked inside liquidity provider on PancakeSwap

610B (61%) ready to be burned.
Burn thresholds:

  • 👉 BURN 10B if we reach 2 000 holders
  • 👉 BURN 25B if we reach 3 000 holders
  • 👉 BURN 50B if we reach 4 000 holders
  • 👉 BURN 75B if we reach 5 000 holders
  • 👉 BURN 100B if we reach 7 500 holders
  • 👉 BURN 150B if we reach 10 000 holders
  • 👉 BURN 200B if we reach 20 000 holders

Questions? Hope not but if you insist, ask Jack.
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